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Pfifferhüss (Minstrels' Inn), Ribeauvillé, Alsace, France | Ribeauvillé - Alsace, France (IMG_3359.jpg)

Pfifferhüss (Minstrels' Inn), Ribeauvillé, Alsace, France

Also called “Auberge des Ménétriers” (Minstrels’ Inn), this is one of Ribeauvillé’s finest half-timbered houses. The beautiful loggia above the door dates back to 1663 and carries the inscription “Ave Maria Gracia Plena” referring to the Dusenbach Pilgrimage devoted to the Virgin Mary. The two wooden statues standing on the loggia depict the Annunciation. The Brotherhood of the Minstrels (Confrérie des Ménétriers), first mentioned in 1390, operated under the protection of the lords of Ribeauvillé.
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