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Cape Fur Seals in the Water, Duiker Island | Hout Bay and Duiker Island - Western Cape, South Africa (IMG_9133.jpg)

Cape Fur Seals in the Water, Duiker Island

A cow usually only has one pup at a time when she reaches the breeding age which is 4-5 years old. She knows her pup by its smell and call and she will only mother her own offspring. Pups are entirely dependent on milk for the first 6 months. They are weaned between 8-10 months old. They grow quickly and start to swim at the age of 6 weeks. By about 7 months they can spend 2-3 days at sea on their own and can already swim long distances. It has been noted that tagged seals have swum from Cape Town to Cape Cross in Namibia, a distance of 1600 kms at the age of 8 months.
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